The ensemble ‘Les Abbagliati’ was founded In 2010 by former students of the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels. Les Abbagliati have acquired much experience in early music through cooperation with various internationally renowned ensembles such as Il Gardellino, the Riccercar Consort, the Bach Concentus, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Anima Eterna, the Pygmalion Ensemble, Concerto Köln and la Petite Bande.
Les Abbagliati take a keen interest in revisiting the 17th and 18th  century repertoires. This includes composers such as Bach, Telemann and Couperin, as well as works by lesser-known composers such as Bononcini, Montéclair or Goldberg, whom they want to bring to the public.
The ensemble seeks to share in new ways the felicity and beauty those works suggest with as wide a  public as possible;  so the ensemble occasionally works together with Baroque dancers, making use of baroque body language, with unique visual effects affording a refreshing historical perspective.
Les Abbagliati gives regular concerts, both in Belgium and in the rest of Europe. In 2011 it was selected as a young ensemble in residence at the Ambronay Festival where they drew attention for their programme La Victoire Amoureuse. In 2012 Les Abbagliati was invited to take part in the Staten Generaal van de Klassieke  Muziek in Gand, Belgium. In 2012 Les Abbagliati performed as part of a showcase project for the REMA (Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne) in Marseilles.
The musicians of Les Abbagliati are convinced that the essence of early music is to experiment and constantly find new elements in a type of music from the past that they want to  make relevant and lively!

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